Monday, September 22, 2008

New Tricks

Hello All,

We are past due for sure for new photos & videos. My life should slow down a little in a few weeks and I'll get around to it. But for now just reporting that the boys had their NICU follow-up clinic appointment last week. Our little boys who are supposed to be like 4-month olds now weigh 17 lb 3oz (Bowen) and 15 lb (Luke). Both have found their feet. Bowen found his hand ~2 weeks ago. Luke is starting to roll, and Bowen is now definitely rolling from back to tummy and trying to get his knees under him. I'm getting a little scared! They are both reaching for toys and Bowen likes to reach and touch your face when close enough. They are so sweet, and it is exciting to see them develop. . . . Thanks for following, and hopefully I'll have up photos soon.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Dedication

(authored by Chris & Darla)
The boys made their first trip to "big church" this morning for their dedication.  Pastor Chuck held all 33 pounds of babies at once.  Bowen is on the left and Luke on the right.  Both sets of grandparents, the Cathcart greatgrandparents, Grandmomma Porter, and Aunt Beth and cousin Brayden all watched.  (This was also cousin Brayden's first time to sit through big church, and he did so great at 3.5 yrs old!)  Uncle Shane was turning on people's electricity (he works for SWEPCO and was working thanks to Ike) and Uncle Michael and Aunt Sylvia are finishing up their trip to Europe, so they couldn't make it.

It was so great to reach yet another "normal" milestone.  We forget how amazing our boys are.  We were reminded by the collective gasp when Pastor Chuck announced for the crowd their birth weights of 2lb & 1.5lb.  We continue to say that God is always good, but in the case of these boys, He was also very gracious!  

BTW - Today's date (the 14th) is the day that last year we had our very first prenatal visit and discovered we were having TWINS.  Little did we know how much our lives would change!