Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can't keep up!

Forgive me for no pictures.  I will be super busy until mid-March, so my blogging may be a little slow . . . But, I had shared that Bowen started crawling, and is now all over the place (loves his discovery of the dog's water bowl).  Within about 4 days of that, he started pulling up on furniture.  He has not yet figured out how to get DOWN after pulling up, and after tiring of one place/position, will send out his cry of distress: "Mommamommamomma. . . ." - which is now how I find him many mornings gripping the railing of his crib, and peaking through the wooden slats.  He is becoming quite a funny character.

Luke is getting close to sitting on his own (can do for brief periods) and getting into all-4s by himself (can hold this position briefly also if you put him there).  He has in the past week discovered this cute little chuckle - "He-he!" - which he uses to get a laugh & reaction from us.  He is turning out to be our sweet, snuggly one.

Both boys have gotten two bottom teeth, front and center.  We could feel and see Luke's bump in the gum for quite a while, and thought his would pop up first.  And then just overnight Bowen's first tooth came in, followed the next day by Luke's, and within another day or two the second teeth followed.  We think Bowen is trying to assert some firsts since he was 2nd-born.

Hope everyone's having a great new year.  There will definitely be updates when the boys turn ONE YEAR OLD on Feb 7th!. . . .