Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween. . . the many faces of Brett Favre (BF)

We have a NY Jet (George-dog, BF 2008), a Minnesota Viking (Bowen, current BF), and a Green Bay Packer (Luke, 2007 & prior BF). And yes, for all the football buffs, I am aware that there was also an Atlanta Falcons BF, but Chris wouldn't wear the costume I made him :) . . . These costumes originally had helmets, but paper mache works best when created with enough advance to dry thoroughly (oops!). Okay, I'll do a better job next year. . . .

Bowen steals a leaf (a real find!) from Luke.
but then he kisses & makes up (so sweet!)

sadly, about the best picture we could get with all 3 Favres

We may be only 20 months old, but we know what chocolate is!
Neither boy was too excited to hold an orange bucket (Bowen handed it right back to me "Here you go, momma.") But they warmed up quickly when people started putting candy in them. . . .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st hair cut - at 20+ months old

Now they're little boys (sigh....)

Long-haired babies

Who's never had a haircut???
Luke (above & below here)

Bowen (above and below here)

Luke below
Bowen below