Friday, August 22, 2008

Could I be a Gerber baby?

These are the pre-pea pics from Thursday night before the first trial of veggies.  Our fat naked babies are so cute, I had to share . . . WHO'S CALLING ME A PREEMIE NOW???


Luke . . . 

Well, our mommy thinks we could be Gerber babies!  (Oh, and of course our grandparents and Aunt Beth . . . )

Peas, please!

As of last night, we added peas to the boys' menu.  We have been feeding them rice cereal by spoon for a few weeks now off & on, so it was time to move onto something new.  They are pretty good with the spoon for about 5-10 minutes, and then they cry for their bottles.  But it's a start!

Bowen (below) did better today with eating peas.  Last night, I thought perhaps he might like peas as much as his daddy does (which, is not at all).

I'm also trying homemade baby food, which is not very difficult to make.  I hear it's less expensive, and obviously cuts a lot of preservatives/additives from the wee diets.  I can prepare quite a bit at one time and freeze ahead small portions in ice trays.  And as my mom said, "That's all we had when you were a baby!"
Next week - on to carrots!

Papa Beau-Dog

I left the boys to nap on our bed this afternoon.  I returned to check on them 10 minutes later, and Beau-dog apparently decided to join the non-action.  I had already shooed Beau off the bed earlier that day (when the boys weren't on the bed).  But since all parties seemed content, I left well enough alone and let them enjoy their group nap.

Checking on them again later, George had also made it onto the bed.  Crazy dogs.

Friday, August 8, 2008

6th month check up

Yes, I know, photo updates are needed.  In the meantime, the boys had their 6-month check up with Dr. McLaren today.  (They are 26 weeks old, or 13 weeks adjusted age.)  Just wanted to quickly share the stats:

Luke - 13 lbs, 23.5 inches long
Bowen - 14 lbs 12 oz, 23 inches long

All else is well in their world.  And ours, as they consistently sleep 10p to ~5:30a.

And if you hadn't heard, Chris is very excited to be starting a new job at the end of September.  He will treat outpatients at LSU Hospital.  We think it will be a nice change of pace for him for the time being, as he finishes his MBA this year and as we continue to adjust to having babies in our home.  No more 24/7 work cell phone, and no weekends or government holidays.  (We're talking Columbus Day, Flag Day, etc. - I'm a little jealous!)  His last day at Schumpert is Aug 29.  He'll have a month off, during which he plans to paint the house and knock out several of the semester's classes. . . On that note, still greatly enjoying my return to work.  I love what I do, have a great boss & a great work environment.  I'm feeling very blessed right now in the occupational category.  And Aunt Beth is getting her baby "fix."  It's a win-win.

I'll try to get some photos up later this week.