Thursday, June 25, 2009

HOLY COW! Passed my exam!!!

Okay, no baby updates here (sorry) . . . 

So FINALLY I got my big white envelope in the mail today, for which I drove home when I had a 1-hour opening due to a patient cancellation JUST to stop at the mailbox and keep driving right back to work.  (I was tipped off by friends on the east coast who had gotten their letters the day before that I would likely get mine today.)  I ripped open that envelope standing in the middle of the street, my car running and driver's side door wide open, and when I saw "Dear Ms. Cathcart, Congratulations!"  I started doing a little dance in the street.  

So now I'm a WCS, which means Women's Health Certified Specialist through our national physical therapy organization.  Which yes (as I've been asked multiple times) does add letters to my name:  Darla Cathcart, MPT, WCS, CLT.  I don't know how many people passed, but we will be the very first group of Women's Health specialists (there are other certs in existence) to walk the stage at the recognition ceremony at one of our big annual conferences in San Diego next year.  It will be sweet!  And all my Duke buds (another 6 folks) and my professional organization buds (3 others) all passed too.  So we'll have a grand reunion.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and for asking me every now and then "Have you heard anything yet?"  I appreciate your thoughts.  Okay, as my co-worker Tina says, Praise the Lord!


Begorra Girl said...

So exciting!!!! I can't wait for San Diego! Congrats, busy Mama! I knew you'd pull it off no sweat.

Leonard said...


I had not paid enough attention to see what your new site was from last year when you were working on my ankle but I finally found it. I cant believe how big the boys have gotten. It does not feel like it been over a year. Im glad to see all is well. Take care of yourself and the family.

Lenny Langdon