Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Professional Family Photos

We finally got our first professional family photos taken. If you are looking for a great, reasonably priced photographer in the Shreveport area, Sheree is your gal. Check out our great photos at:
Click on "Enter Site"
Then click on "Clients"
the password is Cathcart
Then enjoy!

As of today, not all the photos are up yet. She is still working on our full family pics and a few of the two boys together and the two boys with me. But about 45-50 of them are up, and they are precious. . . Of course, she had some excellent baby models. . . .


Begorra Girl said...

so sweet! i've been meaning to schedule an appt with someone for photos like this - you just motivated me to look into it again =)
agreed - gorgeous little baby models for sure!

Anonymous said...

Someone finally took a nap long enough for me to glance at your site. The pictures are abosolutely gorgeous!! YOu all look so great! Love it!-Colleen

Angela Thompson said...

I glanced over them - very good!