Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do - Luke & Bowen are turning TWO!

On this day two years ago I was pumped full of magnesium sulfate and didn't know that I would be delivering two precious little boys the next day! So glad to be in 2010 and not 2008!

Today was our family birthday party - but the boys' actual birthday is tomorrow, Feb 7th - and they don't know how special it is to fall on the very first SuperBowl for the Saints (WHO DAT!?). . . .and hopefully the first one the Saints win! . . . . And appropriate, as I went into labor on SuperBowl Sunday 2 years ago. (So will the NFL charge me for writing the words "Superbowl" and "Saints" and "Who dat"??? They need to chill . . . )

So stinkin' proud of the cake! It was banana flavored, and did not take as long to make as it looks like it may have. And the monkey is actually "holding" two helium balloons.

Uncle Shane (it's rare to get a picture of him with his face) made his fabulous famous brisket for the party.

Me & Aunt Beth.

Great Grandmamma Porter (left) and Great-Pop & Great Grammie Cathcart.

Great Grandmamma Porter, who adores her very first grandson Chris.

Papa & Nana Bowen with their four grandsons - Abel, Bowen, Brayden, Luke.

Luke was lovin' some banana punch - which was a huge hit and gone before lunch.

Daddy helps Bowen get his hat on. Bowen loves hats and thought these were pretty cool.
Even George got into the festivities!

How adorable are these shirts that my mom (Nana) made for the boys! As you can see, Bowen poured (not spilt - intentionally poured) punch down his shirt and pants. He's crazy.

Honey & Papaw Cathcart hold the boys up while we sing Happy Birthday and let them blow out their #2 candles.

The resemblance between the boys & the monkey cake is scary - I think my little boys are actually monkies! . . . And it was shortly after this photo that Luke stepped on the cake. I was asking for that by staging this photo op.

Brayden holds up Bowen's new underwear - Bowen has had one dry day at Aunt Beth's house, so we are about to hit potty training pretty hard. He would probably already be trained if I weren't so lazy! (Yes, I'm one of those moms who buys her kid underwear as a gift:)

Luke plays with his new car - he crawled all over the house with his new prize. . . .

The most decent of the family shots - it's practically impossible to get a good picture with all of us any more!


DeniFay said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big the boys are and how precious! Funny as I'm thinking they are looking more alike than they used to, but still not that much alike! Your cake is amazing and I'm so going to have to make one of those one day! Check out my blog to see what we're up to...

So glad to see y'all doing so great! Hug those sweet boys for me!! Deni

Begorra Girl said...

happy belated, boys! beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!